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Attending companies must master multiple HR technology choices, from Talent Acquisition/Marketing, Workforce Engagement & Management, Learning and Knowledge Transfer, Compensation & Benefits and Wellness to deliver successful digital transformation of the candidate and workforce technology efforts.

Given the rapid rate of change and proliferation of options from HR Systems to Individual Apps for each phase of recruiting and workforce management, it’s important to find ways to maintain a pulse of the industry, while learning real-world best practices for selection, implementation and integration from the innovators, practitioners and suppliers in this new, converged HR technology workplace.

What are the main benefits of attending HR Tech Connect?

Fresh Perspectives: Sit in on Keynotes, general sessions and panel discussions from industry leaders, peer executives and visionaries in the HR digital transformation space to keep you forward-thinking. Networking with your peers is the best way to get a candid perspective on solutions/strategies and ideas from other industry verticals.

Refine your HR Strategy and Roadmap: Address the most pressing questions and needs of your organization through our educational sessions, case study presentations and face-to-face meetings to help you remain forward-thinking.

Time well Spent: Conduct face-to-face meetings with solution providers and industry experts of your choosing in just 2.5 days through our online self-scheduling system where you can customize your own 1:1 schedule to maximize your time.

Full Participation Package: Complimentary airfare, hotel, meals and registration costs for all attendees ensures a cost-effective experience while away from the office. Your time is valuable and the hosted attendee package is how we show our appreciation for your invested time and participation. If company policy prohibits the acceptance of the hosted attendee package, Registration Packages that include hotel are available for purchase upon request.

What makes HR Tech Connect different from other events?

HR Tech Connect will assemble all key players, including end user organizations, solution providers and industry analysts so that attendees may formalize relationships across all elements of the supply chain in new and exciting ways to further advance HR tech in critical market segments. Rather than just another trade show or exhibition, we are focused on building lasting relationships so all members in these complex ecosystems can better understand and advance their needs.

How is the agenda structured?

Our agenda is more business-intensive than any other event focusing on the HR tech landscape. Every day is packed with private and group meetings, presentations, content sessions and networking. There is no wasted time and attendees walk away with new connections, strategies and solutions that can be acted upon immediately.

This high-end program builds in scheduled 1:1 time for face-to-face interaction between attending executives, supplier representatives and industry experts. No other event delivers this level of quality meeting time among current and future business partners, while also providing the highest level of educational sessions and access to a variety of onsite resources. Click below to inquire about attending!



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This event was eye-opening - the breadth and depth of industry analysis that was brought to the table and the focus on current and future state of HR was fascinating and thought-provoking. They combined it with just the right amount of fun, socializing, and excellent food! I would recommend this event to anyone looking to break from the mold and understand how HR technology can (and is) transforming the HR function and your organization.


- Director, Benefits & Compensation, Unidine

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